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FJT3 Final Edition Vertical Jump Program

$47 Included

This 9 week, easy to follow vertical jump technique training program involves no necessary weight equipment or extreme plyometrics. It is considered the easiest and fastest way to increase an athletes vertical leap by actually unlocking the 3,6, 9+ inches of vertical leap locked inside of you right now that remains hidden through improper jumping technique. Inside this 9 week program you will find every single day mapped out for you. You simply just do the program step by step, day by day, and witness the results!

What's really cool? Your average workout in Freak Jump Technique 3 will be less than 12 minutes long, and will not overtrain your body whatsoever, even if you are  weight lifting, doing other vertical jump programs, and skill training, or are still in your sport's season!

FJT3 Workout Logs

$17 Included

With every single workout you do, you will have a printable workout log to carry with you. This will make sure that every exercise asked of you that day is remembered, and checked off!  Our athletes have found that every day use of our provided workout log will bring you more results on your vertical by just holding yourself accountable!

Instant Inches Vertical Video Series

$17 Included

FJT-3 provide you with everything he knows about vertical jump technique in this "instant Inches" video series!  In fact, what you learn inside of these never before seen videos will increase your vertical leap TODAY!

These videos include standing vertical leap, one foot vertical leap, and two foot vertical leap increases.

One Foot Technique Complete Breakdown For Instant Inches

$17 Included

FJT-3 completely breakdowns the process of jumping off of one foot from start to finish. Teaching you how to reach maximum height on your jump in any situation.  With this package of training videos you will learn how to properly approach your jump, take off, control your body in the air, and safely land while adding 5+ inches to your vertical leap doing so 😉

Two Foot Complete Technique Breakdown For Instant Inches

$17 Included

FJT-3 completely breaks down the process of jumping off of two feet!  Using proper jumping technique off of two feet, you will become much more explosive, faster off the ground, and higher jumping than your competition. Most athletes who watch these videos praise the increases they receive in dunking, blocking shots, and rebounding!

You will learn how to properly approach your two foot jump, take off, control your body in the air, and land safely in this module.

Standing Vertical Test Complete Breakdown For Instant Inches

$17 Included

FJT-3 brings in the assistance of former University of Virginia linebacker, Jon Copper to bring you the most in-depth and detailed standing vertical jump technique training video ever. Jon teaches you how to add inches to your standing vertical leap before you even take your first jump, how to add 3+ inches to your standing vertical by stretching one muscle, and how jumping towards a certain target can add a couple inches on the spot!

This module will completely change the way you test your standing vertical, and change your standing vertical test results BIG-TIME!

How To Jump With A Ball In Your Hands For Max Height

$17 Included

So many athletes can jump high without a ball, but as soon as a basketball is in hand, their jump height decreases dramatically. In this module, Adam will teach you how to jump just as high with a ball in your hand as you do without! This module will help anyone who can grab the rim start to get dunks down, as well as help any player score more points around the basket by being in the air longer than their defenders!

You will learn how to properly approach your two foot jump, take off, control your body in the air, and land safely in this module.

Never Before Seen: Overspeed Jump Training

$17 Included

FJT-3 will teach you brand new technique of "Overspeed Jump Training"! Using proper (optional) training bands, we teach athletes how to practice speeding up their Take off Amorization Phase. This is a fancy term for the moment you take your horizontal force vertical! The faster you can controllably do so, the higher you'll jump!

By training jumping specific "Overspeed" techniques you will see your amortization and take off speed up dramatically, and you can practice controlling it. This will lead to some impressive increases over the next few weeks!

Full CNS "Instant Vertical" Exercises And Workouts

$47 Included

Freak Strength and Conditioning trainer Ryan Munsey is back, and is bringing you the most advanced central nervous system (CNS) training ever from Freak Athletics.

Ryan will show you a quick training workout that consists of just a FEW drills that you can do anytime, anywhere to add some "instant" inches to your vertical leap, and make you feel more explosive than you ever have before!

CNS training is a proven way to give you that "explosive" feeling when your adrenaline is pumping and you are performing at your top shape! Imagine being able to recruit that "unstoppable" feeling whenever you wish! That's what Ryan's CNS program included in FJT3 will do for you!

30 Athletes Jump Technique Breakdown

$17 Included

FJT-3 takes it to the classroom where he completely breaks down the jumping technique, and dunk technique over 30+ athletes from all over the world! By simply watching these videos, you will pick up tons of vertical jump technique information, and watch how all 30+ athletes can increase their vertical leap instantly! Adam does video critiques for up to $500 dollars per video online, and over $2500 dollars in person! This module alone is an absolute steal!

Professional Dunkers' Video Breakdown

$27 Included

Adam takes us back to his office to breakdown the techniques of some of his friends. His friends happen to be the World's Best Dunkers, including Sprite Slam Dunk Champion, Haneef Munir, and more!

Adam breaks down how these professional dunkers use their technique to jump 50+ inches into the air, with a ball in their hand and teaches us their little "secrets" of vertical jump technique.

The Keys To Vertical Jump Success: Penultimate, M.C.V, And Amortization Training

$17 Included

Unknown to 99% of athletes (and coaches), these three terms are the key to your vertical jump domination! Inside this module, you'll discover what each key means with full understanding, as well as learn the drills you'll be doing in the FJT3 program to improve these areas of your vertical jump.

Master the penultimate, M.C.V. and Amortization phases of your jumping technique and you will with out a doubt be an extreme "high riser" in the eyes of your friends, teammates, coaches, and scouts!

Arm's: How To Propel Your Jump 3+ Inches Higher

$17 Included

Using our specific vertical jump "arm" training, you will discover how to use your arms as explosive propellors to add inches to your vertical leap. Adam once said his arms were so explosive on an in-game jump, he accidentally knocked out a 260+ pound Division-1 football player by exploding his arms up to get a rebound but connecting his hand to the player's chin.

Proper Jumping And Landing Technique

$17 Included

Using another "big word" called dorsiflexion, Adam teaches you how to properly "dorsiflex" your ankles for instant explosive boosts in vertical jump, speed, first step, and change of direction! Dorsiflexion will also provide you with safe landings when you jump, which leads to a major decrease in severe jumping injuries like ankle sprains!

Dunk Technique Breakdown

$17 Included

Adam breaks down video of himself going through some of his favorite dunks. From technique tips and tricks on simple dunks to some of his sneakiest tips on more difficult slams!

This will help any athlete who is close to throwing it down do so, and help basic dunkers become more elite!

Freak Jump Technique 3 Requires

No Weightlifting Or Intense Plyometric Training

Just You And A Desire To Jump Higher Today!

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Freak Jump Technique 3 helps you increase your vertical faster and more efficiently than any other form of vertical training


You  gain instant inches on your vertical, in fact you can start in as little as 5 minutes from now, and see 6+ inches of vertical jump results by your next practice, or game!


It's easy to follow. Most people say it's by far the easiest jump training program they have ever followed


It doesn't cost you an arm and a leg, in fact $9.95 is a steal considering the everyday value of FJT3 is $97 Dollars!  You are getting it at a steal!


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Disclaimer: Consult a physician and follow all safety instructions. Every effort has been made to accurately represent the potential of this training. Results are not typical, and only represent players who worked very hard. Of course, no guarantee can be made for every single player.